Top 5 amazing world records

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To create a world record, it’s not an easy task to stand-out 7.7 billion people. Be it weird or amazing, being a world record holder is a thing to brag about. Here are some amazing world records.

1.The largest number of dishes on a table:

If you are a foodie, you must have been to China to celebrate the Chinese New Year when they broke the world record for the largest number of dishes aligned on the table. 8146 separate dishes were accumulated on a table as the record-breaking act was attempted.

2.The youngest person to climb Mt. Everest:

On may, 22,2010 Jordan Romero became the coolest kid in his school when he summited the Mt. Everest at the age of 10 years and 10 months. Romero climbed Everest with his dad and several Sherpas which earned him a name in the Guinness Book of World Records.

3.Longest goal ever scored:

If you are a Premier League fan and have been following the league for a while, you should be familiar with the goal scored by Asmir Begovic versus Southampton FC. The Stoke City shot-stopper took the shot which traveled 97.5 yards before beating Arthur Boruc on the other end of the field and stood as the longest goal scored.

4.Longest fingernails of a woman:

Imagine fingernails being 8.65m long. The record for the longest nail is held by Lee Redmond of the USA who manicured her nail to become 8.65m long when measured in Madrid, Spain on 23 February 2008. She

lost her nails to an automobile accident in 2009. Her grief must have been immeasurable.

5. Multiple children delivered at a single birth to survive:

On 26th January 2009, Nadya Suleman gave birth to 8 children, all of them survived which made a world record for most children born at a single delivery. She gave birth to six boys and two girls at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Bellflower, USA.

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