Mohit Mor, a ticktok celebrity shot dead

प्रकाशित मिति : 22 May, 2019 9:15 pm

A tiktok celebrity   Mohit Mor of 24 years was shot dead on Tuesday closed to Delhi .He is originally residing from Bahadurgarh in Haryana , worked as a gym trainer in Najafgarh.Three assailants   shot him with 13 bullets ,eight in chest and rest in abdoemen. He had been to his friend’s photocopy shop at 5 pm, where he was murdered.

According to the crime scene and his friend three people, two wearing helmets and one without helmet entered the shop and fired with 13 bullets. One of three gun men’s faces is clearly captured in the CCTV camera while two of them were wearing helmet. He was brought to the nearest hospital but unfortunately he was declared brought dead.

Photo from Mohit Mor’s Facebook Timeline
Gunmen spoted on cctv camers

Police is investigating the reason behind the murder. According to the police they are checking his intagram account, tick tok and call recording.The possible cause might be personnel contention,said policemen.Mohits’ friend told police that , popularity on ticktok could be a reason behind the incident.

Police have formed a special team to investigate this case, they are checking his tiktok timeline .Social media is floaded from his death news.Everyones’ are shocked with his death incident.

He was also a gym trainer used to visit gym in Najafgarh. His tiktok video is famous all over the India and he is followed by more than half millions of people.

He also have acted in Bollywood scenes.People used to enjoy his  emotional and awareness  video in social network.Everyone including his fans are passing condolence to his death news.

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