See how conceptof motion picture was developed

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Have you ever been eager  to know the name of first motion picture ? , This question  goes to  all the movie lovers.I hope  most of the people have never thought about this things.In  the late 80’s a large portion of people were curious to experiment with photo, they   create the illusion  of motion pictures.

We have made a list of those motion pictures which often called vary first movies.

  1. The Horse in Motion

When we start to  research about the first movie ever made then the first name comes is  “The Galloping Horse”.History says that this is the first motion pictures which was experimented on june15,1878 by American famous Photographer Eadweard Muybridge.

The photographer used numerous cameras to capture the galloping horse.Eadweard arranged all the camera  parallel to the horse’s movement path.He took the different shot from different angle so that all the movement can be captured smoothly.This was the crucial  time  where first motion picture was discovered.

  2.Roundhay Garden scene

 In the year 1888 the French inventor Louis Le Prince recorder short movie  of 2.11 second long running time .This Movie was  short silent movie and the perceived as the  oldest motion pictures.It took 1 decades to improve motion pictures from Horse in Motion to Roundhay Garden scene.

In the movie we can see the motion of dancing lady and  gentleman’s coat is flying.This movie has been confirmed as the oldest survival movie by Guinness Book of world Records.

3.Arrival of Train

Arrival of train is 50 second long motion picture which was produced in 1895 by Auguste Lumière 
Louis Lumière of French .This is also the silent black and white movie in which shows the entry of train in the train station.

The interesting part is that the concept of camera angle,long shot,medium shot and close up are included in this motion pictures.According to the source When film was shown to audience they scared and ran out from the place.

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