Things to know :World’s First Movie to First Dirctor

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                Human nature is always curious to know about the history, they always feel eager to know   about those things. Earth have long history, many creature evolved and demolished here but they always used to leave their own history to the world. As we know that with the change of the time the life style and the technology also changes .There is always gap in the thinking and life style between different generation .Today we are going to  write about the changes  and development that were occur in the motion pictures .If you are a Movie lover then you might feel interesting to know about these list.We have  listed different things that were first time  in world .

1.First Movie ever made in world

The first Movie ever made in world is Roundhay Garden Scene (1888). Roundhay Garden Scene was 2.21 minute of long silent movie .This was technically first motion picture ever made.  In the year 1888 the French inventor Louis Le Prince recorder short movie  of 2.11 second long running time .

2.     The First animated Movie

In 1917  the first animated feature Movie of  70 minute long  was released in Argentina  ,which was made by  Quirino Cristiani .The technology used was cardboard cutout techniques  in which total number of frame was 58000  at  14 frames per second.

3. The first feature movie in world was  The Story of the Kelly Gang in

  1906  by Australian production house.

4. First Animated Cartoons

If we talk about the true character animated  cartoons then Gertie the Dinosaur (1914) by Winsor McCay is considered as the first cartoons.

5.First  Cinema hall

Berlin Wintergarten theatre is perceive as the first cinema hall in the world where first silent Movie was shown  in 1895.

6.First Director

 Louis Le Prince is consider as the first  Director of the Motion Picture.

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